Monday, January 30, 2012

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I’ve been using Weight Watchers for nearly a year to lose weight. I’ve lost 44 pounds.

I had been on Weight Watchers plan for several months when I started doing the math. I had 85 pounds to lose. Weight Watchers wants you to lose 1-2 pounds a week (which is the best way to lose) and my average was a pound a week. Paying Weight Watchers $40 a month for their materials and meetings meant I would be spending about $850 to lose my weight. I had to ask myself if it was really worth that much money. The answer ultimately was “No. It is not smart, with our level of income, to spend $850 to lose weight.”

I switched to a deal Weight Watchers had that cost $12.95 a month for e-tools. BUT I could only get that rate because I had been a member for over a month. I didn't want to recommend paying a sign up fee and being a member for a month to my friends so they could get that special rate. Times are hard now and really, a lot of people just can’t afford to pay for Weight Watchers.

This has bugged me for quite some time. The meetings really are a big part of the success of Weight Watchers program. Once I stopped going to meetings when I switched to e-tools, it was more difficult to lose weight. I did ok for a few weeks after that but eventually stalled for 6 weeks. Restricting your eating for that long without results takes a toll on your sanity.

I am very motivated though by remembering what it was like when I was at my top weight. I cannot go back to that miserable existence. I did not gain weight in a pretty way. Some of my friends are overweight and they still look good. I gained it all right in the middle and… well let’s just say, the pictures of me at that time are embarrassing to this day.

After being stalled for 5 weeks then gaining the 6th week, I became desperate again because we were approaching the holidays and I knew I would struggle to not gain weight over the next few months and may even end up giving up. My solution was getting books from the library about weight loss.
I skipped the calorie books… I don’t believe in them. Low calorie diets are not only too difficult, but bad for your health too. If you’re counting calories when eating an apple, you’ve got dieting wrong in your head. (That’s my 2 cents worth. I’m not charging for it today.)

During the 8 hr trip to Texas, I read a book called Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly, written by a neurosurgeon. I was ecstatic about what I read. Eating fat apparently makes you stay full… Eating high carbs makes you hungrier… (I will do a summary of this book to give you the idea later.)
Over Thanksgiving I used his theory to keep from eating too much.

I lost 2.6 pounds over Thanksgiving.

Trips are usually difficult for me and I had holiday food tripping me up this time. I was in disbelief!

I now realized that there is more to weight loss then just points and meetings. There is a science to Weight Watchers that you probably don’t understand even after being a member and losing lots of weight. I no longer just do Weight Watchers. I’ve learned a few tricks I used along with their plan.

So, after going over in my mind for weeks how I could possibly help my friends who are smart enough to not pay for Weight Watchers but who really want to lose weight, to lose weight, I came up with a plan. I will diet without Weight Watchers, using what I know about weight loss, without depriving myself and find a way to teach my friends to lose weight without paying an arm and leg or counting calories.

I hope you’ll keep up with this project. Maybe you’ll lose weight too!

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