Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Started Losing Weight - I Recommend


Start out slow and build as you gain knowledge. Ultimately it is not my goal to tell you what to do to lose weight, but to tell you what causes weight gain and loss. You'll understand what to do once you understand what works and why.

My suggestions are:
1) Weigh yourself every day. (see Fat Habit #18)
If you want to write it down, knock yourself out. But don't do it as a rule. The less complicated you make this, the more likely you are to stick with it.
Weighing yourself every day makes you more aware of your weight and how what you eat is affecting it. Do this for the fun of it, not as a rule - you know you want to. :)
Keep in mind that a big meal weighs more than a regular meal. After eating one, that weight is going to affect your next morning weigh in. If your bowels are slow, it might affect your weight for more than a day.
If you can't weigh-in in the morning, pick a time that works for you and weigh-in at that time each week.

2) Establish a weigh-in day.
Always record your morning weight. Get up, use the bathroom, weigh in. Write it down!
I suggest Tuesday and here's why: the rest of the days are affected by social variences. Specifically...

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - you might find that these days you weigh lighter because you tend to eat your best on Tue, Wed and Thu. That weight is a less reasonable one to maintain. It might make you freak out a little when you step on the scales the other days.
Saturday - Friday nights make the scales look bad.
Sunday - Saturday grazing can make the scales look even worse. Friday night might still be affecting you too.
Monday - it's right after weekend eating.

3) Eat as much fruits and veggies as you want
Exeption - starchy veggies (corn, peas, potatoes, avocados - they are still healthy and diet friendly but you don't want to eat them unlimited).
These are a dieters friend. If you've eaten a small meal that ended up not sticking with you, grabbing an apple (conveniently located in the pretty fruit basket on your counter) is a good way to make it to the next meal.
If your fruits have been prepared with sugar they don't count as unlimited. If your veggies have been prepared with fat or flour, consider how the fat and carbs will impact your weight (make it go up) and only the veggie part of that dish should be considered unlimited. At this point, you're limiting the fat and carbs ON the veggie.

4) Portion control
Lean protein, healthy fat and fiber - make them go up, Carbs - make them go down (eat half a roll/cake/pie/etc instead of a whole one). Seriously! (More on why later)

In a nutshell - make friends with your scale, eat fruits and veggies, eat more protein and fiber, and less carbs. That should get you started!

A note about tracking your food:
Keeping track of what you eat is helpful because it makes you more aware of what you're eating. However, this habit might defeat you since it can be a big undertaking. If you can write everything down at this point - AWESOME. But if you find it is defeating you, don't make it a rule. I am choosing not to track, just to prove to myself that I can.

Let me know how you're doing!

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Lori said...

Good blog Amy!! I was struggling today!! I think this helped!