Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Update - Tips

I love a post I did in July last year about breakfast. Why say it again, when this post says it so well?

Exciting news - we are now proud owners of a Berkey water filter! Why is this such good news? Because we have never had a permanent water filtering solution before now. Drinking water is such an important part of weight loss and being healthy. I am ecstatic that I will now have an unlimited water supply and no more hang ups about drinking water. I expect this to really boost my weight loss efforts!

I've been considering portions. Being on Weight Watchers taught me about proper portions. Before that, I ate whatever, whenever (as I mentioned in my first blog post). For now, don't worry too much about eating a lot less. You don't have to eat a lot less when you eat the right kinds of food (protein/fiber = weight down  fat/carbs = weight up).
Changing the way I think about food has created the most success. I used to see food as fun and tasty. Now I realize that I want to lose weight more than I want to eat unlimited amounts of fun tasty food.
I eat just about anything. I just eat as little of the waist/butt builders as I can manage.
In this post about the first day I weighed in, I remember I was eating a lot of food. It surprised me that I could eat so much food, as long as I ate the right ones, and still lose weight. I thought I had to eat less, be hungry, and feel deprived to lose weight.
You're supposed to try to eat half your weight in grams of protein everyday. I've never figured out how to track protein easily, but the days I looked at how much I had eaten, I wasn't getting near that much.

Check food labels to know the actual serving sizes.

Buy a food scale. I know it's a bit of an expense but not only is it a lot of fun using a food scale but a BIG help when you're losing weight. Some people use measuring cups. That would have defeated me. I used my food scale for everything - especially cereal and milk. The grams or ounces are right on the box making it easy to see how much to pour.

Think about...
Your body cannot store fat without the presence of insulin (from carbs).

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