Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Eats

Hot wings - deep fried then rolled in butter... with ranch. Cheesy nachos and beef. Potato chips and dip. Butterscotch cream cheese dessert loaded with calories and deliciousness. AND.... donuts - deep fried then rolled in margarine and sugar.

That is what was on MY superbowl menu. I'd bet it wasn't the worst of the menus around though.

I'd have to say, I think I did pretty well considering. Feeling deprived wasn't an option and I would be eating the 'good stuff' so here is what I did:
  1. Made hummus. I love hummus! It is a delicious snack food and is loaded with protein, fiber and nutrients. It helps that I really don't care for the taste of nachos made from Velveeta so passing on them wasn't too difficult, but hummus was a good stand in. I didn't limit myself on the hummus. The more hummus I ate, the less I would eat of all the other stuff. I ate about 2 tablespoons (2 servings) with tortilla chips.
  2. When it came to chicken wings, I tried to limit myself. I ate four. I made sure to eat plenty of celery (and one red bell pepper slice) with it. Every bite of veggies equals less of the fattening things I was eating.
  3. I made bread. I've got this recipe that is super quick, no kneading, loaded with everything good and nutritious. I made this whole wheat bread with lots of fiber to help fill me up. I served it with margarine and most of it was gone at the end of the day.
So, adding veggies and snack foods that were delicious as well as high in protein and fiber was really helpful to my Superbowl eating.

I am actually still surprised that I was able to eat as well as I did. I guess we'll see just how well it really was, on the scales. :)

BTW - I do NOT recommend eating margarine. I bought it to make the donuts and it was convenient to serve with the bread as well. It is more damaging to your health than you can imagine. I plan to cover the topic soon in a post about eating fat to lose weight.

You guys haven't had good bread until you've tried this recipe:
Healthy Bread in Five on YouTube
Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day

(Note: I use regular salt. Vital wheat gluten is easy to find - look next to the flour at Walmart.)

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Nettie Beard said...

Nachos (made with white Velveeta), Little Smokies, chili, KFC wings, cheese ball with smoked sausage and Ritz, veggie tray, cinnamon rolls, animal crackers and frosting, Angel food cake w/Raspberry topping... that's what our menu was. Absolutely terrible... but oh so delicious!