Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Think Long Term

Something that seriously bothered me while at Weight Watchers - they constantly remind you that people who stop going to the meetings are not very likely to keep the weight off. Does this seem like a problem to anyone?
I'm positive that the reason it doesn't work after you quit Weight Watchers is because you didn't understand WHY it worked. I understand why it works and that is why I'm writing this blog for you.

Your weight loss efforts have got to be ones that are doable long term. You can't lose weight fast and expect to keep it off because those methods are not sustainable. If you can't quit eating donuts for the rest of your life, then you've got to find a way to put donuts in your weight loss plans. (Like once every 6 months maybe? :)

Can you restrict calories for the rest of your life? Can you follow a no carb or low carb diet the rest of your life? How about that HCG diet where you eat 500 calories and take a pregnancy hormone - can you do that longer than.... a month?

I saw an article yesterday about Jonah Hill losing weight. I wanted to see how he had lost weight. He said that he went to a dietician who told him how to eat right. Well that's boring. Or is it? That makes sense. He changed his eating habits and lost weight.
He said "I just had a moment in my life where I said I wanted to become a man." :)

There's plenty of ways to lose weight, but if you want to maintain that weight loss, you have got to change the habits that are creating weight gain.

Do this today: Go through your kitchen and pantry and get rid of 'fat' foods. Get rid of junk foods, sugary cereals, high cal, high sugar, low fiber, high fat foods. Clean up your food supply and try to keep it that way. Don't shop hungry and avoid buying those things.

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