Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekend Eats... And Buffets

Weekends have always been the most difficult part of weight loss for me. As long as I watch my eating through the week, and don't gorge on junk food and dessert over the weekend, I can get by with some 'weekend eating'.

These are some of the ways I keep from sabatoging my efforts without feeling deprived:

  1. Make breakfast count. Eat those pancakes, just make sure you eat eggs or another good source of lean protein with them (better yet, BEFORE them).
  2. Plan for desserts. When visiting a friend, I sometimes take a weight friendly dessert with me. If I know they're going to serve my favorite cookies or brownies, I've taken a dessert like fat-free whipped topping and frozen fruit with me. It keeps me from over doing it on the desserts.
  3. Watch the carbs. Eat 1 pancake instead of 2 (or 2 instead of 3). Eat the fried chicken and pile on the veggies, but watch the roll - eat half of it if you can't avoid it altogether.
  4. Load up on veggies and fruit. Eating the green beans or salad first curbs my appetite making it easier to eat less of the rest of the meal.
  5. Eat between meals. Grab a weight loss friendly food before it's time to eat to curb your appetite.
  6. Make the buffet count! When you're in a situation (obviously out of your control) where your going to be eating buffet, there are two ways to look at it. I'll explain below.
  7. Remember your goal. You're working to change your eating habits. They have to be reasonable and long term changes. Changing your habits 5 days a week is not very helpful when you totally let go on the weekend. Weight gaining habits like eating 2 pieces of cake or 2 donuts isn't even an option for me. It just doesn't taste as good as thin feels. 
  8. And last but not least... Make up for botched efforts on Monday. I can't prove my little secret with any resource, however, I'm convinced this works. When they've served my favorite cookie and there was NO way I could eat any less than like... 17, and I completely messed up by eating all those yummy cookies, I eat a NO carb meal as many times in a row as I can after that. Usually just one meal, I'll eat no carbs for that meal and I swear it voids the cookies. I do NOT recommend this as a habit, rather as a way of making up when you have messed up.


Eating Buffet

Buffets pose a problem because you are unlimited, the foods are loaded with yummy fat and sugar, and because you feel you have to get your money's worth and end up over eating.
I have to decide between two ways to look at the buffet to avoid sabotaging my weight loss.

1) Limit fat and control my portions.
2) Eat as much as I wanted of low/no carb foods. (I explain this concept in this series)

Last time at KFC, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pass on the biscuits and dessert but I figured I stood a better chance eating more (option 2) because of the buffet mentality I have. I started out with chicken, coleslaw, green beans and a pickle and worried that I wouldn't be able to pass up the 'good stuff' (mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits, hot apple pie...). After my first plate though, I wasn't nearly as hungry and avoiding carbs wasn't nearly as difficult.

Do your best on the weekends and please... let me know how you did and what worked for you.

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