Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dairy and Weight Loss

Growing up, I never liked milk. I would drink it with cookies or pour it on cereal, but besides that, I didn't like the taste.

When I started Weight Watchers, one of their Good Health Guidelines (which are really what make the program work well) is Dairy. They recommend 3-5 servings a day and I definitely wasn't getting in that much.

I used to worry about the points in milk so to make it easier to use milk more often, I bought skim milk. I actually started to like milk at that point. I could even drink it – without adding flavor. :)

Studies have shown that people who consume dairy are more likely to lose weight but exactly how or why is not known.... Nice. We live in the 21st century and we can't figure this one out?

Milk has been called a 'complete food' because it is a protein, carb and fat. My theory is that dairy helps us lose weight because it gives more nourishment than a lot of foods do.

I don't know how exactly dairy effects weight loss, but I know that adding dairy seemed to help me eat less. Yogurt and a handful of nuts is a filling meal when you need something quick.

IMO - Raw Milk Is Best

We buy raw milk. As long as we are able to afford raw milk, that is the best choice for our family.

I started buying raw milk not only because I know the many health benefits but because my husband and daughter have a lot of digestive issues. I was hoping to eliminate some of them by buying raw milk. It definitely has helped.

Milk you buy at the store has been pasteurized and homogenized. Pasteurizing kills beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Pasteurization was necessary when it was first introduced because milk, at the time, was not being handled properly and people were getting very sick. Since it extends the shelf life and there are probably lots of dairy farms who don't keep things as clean as they should, I imagine the majority of milk will always be pasteurized.

Homogenization breaks the fat into smaller sizes so it no longer separates, allowing the sale of non-separating milk at any fat specification. - Wikipedia

Raw milk is more nutritious but be careful - make sure you trust your source. Raw milk has gotten a bad name because some people were not keeping their facilities clean. Because of the strict laws that are in place now, it is a lot easier to get good milk from trustworthy sources. These sources usually have to jump through many hoops to get raw milk to you.

Please read more here: Raw Milk Facts

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