Monday, March 19, 2012

Eating Low-Carb

I do not like low carb diets as a rule because they don't work long term and are not healthy unless you follow them correctly and most people don't.

If you were going to follow a low carb diet, Susanne Somers is my favorite version because she doesn't tell you to cut out carbs completely, she tells you to eat them seperate from fats (3 hours between). However, when I tried it before, I didn't have much success trying to eat carbs without fat. I'm sure it can be done, but it wasn't something I was successful at. Also, because you tend to be limited, deprivation will end up causing you to 'fail'.

This is how I make low carb work for me. When I eat, I look at my food in one of 2 ways:

1) Limit carbs, fat and amount of food overall (i.e. cold cut sandwich, mustard, easy mayo, proper serving of chips, bell pepper strips) or...

2) Low carb (i.e. egg scramble with sausage, spinach, bell pepper, cheddar or steak and salad/veggies)

If I'm going to eat carbs, I eat reasonable portions, being careful to not eat a lot of carbs - kind of like I did on Weight Watchers. If I remember, putting my food/fork down and emptying my mouth between bites (Paul McKenna's plan), is really helpful. I eat so little if I do that, that it's not even funny. And I don't usually get hungry either (one time I felt a little hungry later and ate some grapes before the next meal).

If I'm omitting carbs, I don't worry too much about the amount.

Make sure when eating low-carb that you are getting in enough fiber. If you're eating a lot of meat, cheese and eggs, and you're not getting in much fruits and veggies, you're damaging your health. All the other 'stuff' is important too (whole grains, dairy, fruits and veggies).

IMO, breakfast is the easiest meal to eat without carbs. Eggs, meat and cheese are typical breakfast foods and you don't end up feeling as deprived since there are less carbs to avoid (bread, rolls, potatoes, chips, desserts, etc). It's a mental thing really. :)

I pay a little extra for Sara Lee's 45 calorie bread because the slices are thinner and the calories are lower. It might cost a little extra for the same amount of bread, but it is worth it to me that it is sliced thinner, which creates more servings (the loaf lasts longer) and less bread per serving for me to eat. This is a big deal when losing weight. Also, 100% whole grain has improved a lot (no longer tastes like cardboard) and for me is the only option. It not only is healthier but seriously helps with weight loss for so many reasons.

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