Monday, March 19, 2012

Journal Post

I'm sure Paul McKenna's plan - eating til you're full would work marvelously, if you actually wanted to stop eating. If you ignore the plan altogether because what you're eating just tastes too good or you're craving, you'll totally miss the signal from your body that tells you when you're full. And you might do it on purpose. You actually have to want to do it.I'm guessing the hypnosis DVD is what helps with that and I have not listened to the DVD.

I'm not entirely sure what set me off, but for some reason, about a week ago, I let myself eat too much. It might have been because I ate junk food. It seems like my body must have been craving nutrients and eating the junk food just made it need even more, but I ended up eating a lot of junk over the last week. It didn't help that I not only ate junk food, but I couldn't seem to limit myself either. Toward the end, I was able to eat more healthier foods but I have really just eaten whatever whenever this week. I've gained 5 lbs as of this morning but I'm confident that those 5 lbs are as good as gone.

I forgot to exercise this week. The last 3 days of this week were spent helping my hubby tile our shower so I definitely didn't think much about it those days, but I have not been successful yet at implementing exercise. I kind of feel like I just took a break last week entirely from losing weight.

I went shopping with my daughter yesterday. I had planned to buy some things for myself. Seeing myself in the mirror and realizing that I was not going to buy anything because I'm in between sizes and departments right now helped me remember my goal. I also would like to know why my hiney is not losing as fast as the rest of me. I can wear a size L shirt but I'm still tight in some size 16 skirts. Gotta look into that. :)

Today is a new day and I plan to get back on the wagon now.

Have a great week!

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