Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been craving since Sunday! I told you I felt hungry after a big meal and wiped out several no bakes only to eat peanut m&m's later. When I crave chocolate, no chocolate curbs my craving unless it has nuts attached. I know that a chocolate craving means you need magnesium and that's what I'm craving in nuts so this makes sense.

Yesterday at lunch, I wanted nuts so I ate a partial packet of smoked almonds. Then I ate a big spoon of peanut butter with my lunch. It tasted so good that later on in the evening, I had eaten an early supper so for a snack I grabbed a spoonful of peanut butter again and drank some milk with it.

My cravings today are MUCH less. I still couldn't get nuts off my brain though, so I ate another spoonful of peanut butter with lunch.

I looked into it because I know cravings are a real problem for me, meaning they must be a problem for others too. I found this:

What Your Food Cravings Mean

Makes sense to me! How about you? Can you relate to cravings? Does this link make sense of things for you?

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Grace said...

Love that article!