Monday, April 16, 2012

How To Start Exercising

I have wanted to start exercising for a while now. I planned to start with only a few minutes a day to establish the habit and keep a calendar that I can mark when I exercise to see how I am doing.

I've had Buy a Calendar on my list of things to do for a while now. As much as I WANT to exercise, I realized a couple of weeks ago that I had so many things on my plate that starting to exercise just seemed like one more thing.
Now that things have calmed down quite a bit, I am feeling rather motivated to get started exercising and get my weight loss rolling again.

After posting about it on my blog, my mind has definitely changed about it. I don't feel stressed about it at all. I now think of it as something I WANT to do instead of something I need to do. I've remembered a calendar I have that will work perfect for keeping track.

I'd seen a post on Zen Habits about motivation but hadn't read it yet. I'm reading it today and feeling rather inspired. He recommends finding an exercise buddy so I thought maybe an online group of sorts might help.

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