Thursday, April 19, 2012

Junk Equals Junk

A post about kids that you might apply to yourself:

If you're feeding your child things like mac-n-cheese, hotdogs, chips, chicken nuggets, Ramen noodles, sweet cereals, white flour foods, etc... at what point will you ask yourself "When am I going to nourish my child?" Their body has needs and if you're feeding them junk ALL the time, expect them to be sick. Don't tell yourself that you can't afford better food because that is ignorant and lazy.

They need protein (hotdogs don't count), fiber (it's important!), healthy fats (margarine should never be an option and this is a critical part of brain development), vitamins and minerals, etc.

I'm not saying don't eat those things - we do, but not as our primary diet. For example, if you eat sugary cereal for breakfast, don't feed them Ramen noodles for lunch and fried foods for supper. At some point, you've got to feed them something nourishing. Literally consider adding nutritious food to their diet.

I get so frustrated/sad when kids get sick over and over and I know they're being fed junk all the time.

Don't expect them to succeed in life - they won't be able to think well.

You are what you eat and if you're feeding your child junk, expect them to feel like junk, look like junk and act like junk. Love your child (self) by learning more.

The Sneaky Chef


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