Thursday, April 5, 2012


My motivation was reading the blog my sister was using to track her progress last year and for the first time thinking it was worth spending the money to go to Weight Watchers.

My current motivation is my lack of clothes that fit and the fact that although I've lost a lot of weight, I am still very unhappy with the way I look. The weight has come off my hiney a lot slower than the rest of me. I'm still in a size 16 skirt although I can wear some shirts that are a large. I look smaller but I'm still seeing a big butt. It's got to go!
Also, I've always considered 140 my goal weight because I will be almost to a 'healthy' BMI at that point (whatever that means).

Over the last 2-3 weeks, I have been having trouble staying motivated. I realized that regardless of how much you want to lose weight, if you're lacking inpiration or motivation, it's going to be nearly impossible.

What's motivating you?


Sarah said...

You my friend are my motivation. You want to know the truth? You weigh just a few more pounds than I do. I currently am at 169 and so in my head I am in a race - to beat you to 140! :) Now you know my secret. You better keep at this!

aMY g said...

LOL! That's great! I'm feeling all the more inspired myself now - it's on!! haha

Sarah said...

Seriously that is the only that keeps going some days is knowing that you are so close to catching me. :) It has really worked for me mentally. I have had others start and then never finish which gets depressing. You are like the only person I know that is sticking it out and is so determined to do this so the race is on!

Grace said...

Reading your blog is motivating me! You make it sound so simple and delicious! :) If only I wasn't so afraid of the kitchen... :)