Monday, May 14, 2012

Falling Off the Wagon

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day dinner, we went to Chili's. Fighting the crowds on Mother's Day doesn't appeal to us, so fast food or an evening meal is what we prefer. Chili's didn't use to be too weight loss friendly but that has changed and I chose Chili's because I knew they have lighter options.

I ordered a grilled chicken plate with grilled veggies (yum!), beans and broccoli - a very weight loss friendly meal. I felt full before I got to the beans so I took them home with me. I was so proud of myself for not only ordering a light meal, but I didn't even eat all of it!

However, that is not how my weekend has gone. I have had the hardest time eating right this weekend!


We went to eat at a buffet with my mom on Saturday, for a Mothers Day meal. I did great on both of my first two plates, eating low-fat meats, lots of veggies and making low carb choices. The desserts were more than I could resist though and I ate so much that I felt blugh the rest of the day and didn't get hungry again until the next day. *sigh* This is NOT how to lose weight...

Friday Night

The night before, my Mom had made 2 different kinds of cookies and I ate way too many of them after eating too much nachos, followed by eating graham crackers and milk (a nostalgic snack for our family) and cookies again because everyone else was. *sigh again*

Thursday Night

Going back even another night, we had company Thursday night and after eating too much food for supper, I ate too much of the apple pie and ice cream they brought with them.

Back to Mother's Day...

So after a weekend with my family of making bad choices and botching up a visit to a buffet, I ate entirely too much for lunch and was desperately asking myself "Why?" Why am I eating too much and making bad choices? Then I remember something... baked Cheetos. I haven't had baked Cheetos in forever!
When I was really seeing the weight come off (1-2 lbs a week), I always had baked chips on hand. And deli meat - I love cold cuts but I haven't eaten them for a while. Which leads to asking myself what has changed.

I think the answer is coupons and health issues. Because I am learning to budget my groceries and use coupons, my eating habits have changed a lot. My health problems (gallstones) changed my eating habits a LOT! I have lost sight of the plan and veered off course...

I used to eat things like hot cereal, cold cereal with skim milk, eggs, bacon and 45 calorie toast or fruit or yogurt and nuts for breakfast.

For lunch, I typically ate deli meat and cheese on 45 calorie bread with mayo on one of the bread slices. Maybe I would eat some fresh veggies with it or throw pickles, spinach or lettuce and tomatoes on the sandwich. I would usually eat baked chips on the side.

Dinner could be anything like grilled or baked meat like chicken, fish or pork, spaghetti, chili, etc. Usually we had sauteed veggies on the side or baked potatoes with light sour cream, butter or healthy oil, salt and pepper.

I always weighed my foods and knew how much a serving of things were. I still know how much a serving is pretty well but I tend to cook whatever is quick and easy or what I have on hand forgetting to make sure it's going to help me lose weight.

What to do now?

Getting back up

When we've fallen off the wagon, my suggestions are:

  • Re-evaluate your pantry. Get rid of the foods that are tripping you up (trigger foods).

  • Write a menu and make a shopping list of items that are going to help you lose weight (i.e.  yogurt, frozen fish (tilapia and swai are inexpensive options), deli turkey, frozen fruits, veggies, baked chips, 45 calorie bread, nuts, fresh spinach, eggs, lean microwave meals, etc).

  • Pull the fruit basket back out and stock it with fruits that you like to eat.

  • Go to the library and get one or two of the books that I suggest and read through it for inspiration.

  • Or revisit some of the posts on this blog.

Do you have anything to add? What has worked for you to help get you back on track?

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