Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trigger Foods

What Weight Watchers calls trigger foods are foods that once you start eating them, you just can't seem to stop. These are foods that you've gotta see coming. You can still eat them, but you have to understand which ones they are, their affect on you and have a plan for them.

My trigger foods are pizza, french fries (any kind of fried potato), hollandaise sauce, sausage, whipped cream, rolls, nachos, and chocolate chip cookies!

My plan for example:

Pizza - if I know I'll be eating pizza, I plan to eat only one or two slices and decide beforehand what else I'm going to eat with it or I eat only the non-carb portion of the pizza (toppings) and maybe a salad too. By the way, have you ever considered why pizza is a dieters enemy? EVERYTHING about pizza goes against weight loss. It's a large amount of simple carbs baked in oil loaded with fattening meat and soaked with the grease from the fat loaded cheese. One slice of a regular piece of pizza is more than enough points/calories for a meal. Eating thin crust with as many veggies as you can handle is a better choice for pizza.

French fries - I usually don't order anything potato because they are such a problem for me. Otherwise, I have to make up for them later by eating lighter meals or lighter foods. The last time I ate french fries, I ended up eating a bunch of them and ate my next meal carb free. At least order a small fry if you gotta have them. A small ends up being enough anyway.

Hollandaise sauce - IHOP's omelet with spinach and mushrooms may not sound that great to you, but they put hollandaise sauce on it (which is a sauce made from egg yolks and butter) and the flavor is unbelievable! I of course add sausage and am unable to help eating the entire thing which is nearly a days worth of calories (or points). Hollandaise sauce is a weakness of mine. However, I'm almost sure that omelet is low-carb. I bet I could get by with it if I thought about it that way... :)

Sausage - Next to calamari, sausage is my very favorite food. I can eat sausage just about all day long. I didn't eat it very much while I was losing weight at first because it is so high in fat but now I typically only eat it if I'm not eating carbs. Works for me!

Whipped topping - I eat low fat or fat free. I'm sure that's not even real food so I don't eat it often, but when I do... I just LOVE whipped topping so I make sure it's light.

Rolls - I don't eat them often because when I do eat them, I have a hard time limiting myself. It's been so long since I've had a good roll, I barely remember the pleasure of eating one. It gets easier to avoid them after a while. The problem with rolls, besides being a simple carb full of calories is that they demand BUTTER! Yeah...
If I eat them, I usually just eat half a roll. If I were to eat a whole roll, I would limit my intake that meal or make up for it the next meal by eating lighter or low/no carb.

Nachos - Oh my word... If I eat nachos, and NOT the Velveeta kind but the kind from the fair, I gotta watch it. I LOVE nacho cheese! We went to Fuddruckers Sunday and they have that kind of cheese for dipping your fries in or putting on your burger. While waiting on my food, I sat and ate one of those small dipping containers of cheese off my finger, knowing it was rude and immature, because I couldn't help myself. :) I love that cheese!

Chocolate chip cookies - Yet another food that hates me. Well it at least doesn't want me to lose weight. This is a food that you not only have to limit, but plan for too. Either watch your intake before or after to make up for this carb and calorie load.

Another thought: I'm An Abstainer
Do you know what your trigger foods are?


Grace said...

I want to hate on you for eating cheese with your fingers, but I do the same thing with CHICK-FIL-A SAUCE!!! That stuff is SO good but SO bad!!! 4 WW points for ONE PACKET!!! And I can eat one packet by itself! Evil, evil, evil!!!

aMY g said...

Haha! Yep... I thought it was pretty ridiculous of me too. :)