Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diet Drinks

I have heard from more more than one source that drinking diet sodas is a fat habit (see #5). This comes from very good sources and is good advice, but I find that diet sodas, at times, keep me from feeling deprived.

I know they are not super healthy but drinking only water with all my meals, occasionally makes me feel like I'm missing out. I can do that for a while, but I'm likely to end up drinking sweet tea, chocolate milk or juice instead anyway.

Most of the time I drink water with meals (especially at sit down restaurants - weird I know) and I try to limit my intake of sugar substitutes including diet drinks, but I do drink them occasionally when I'm just not in the mood for water again.

How do you feel about diet drinks?

1 comment:

Nettie Beard said...

Bleh! If I'm going to drink a soda, I want the REAL thing! I haven't been able to stomach diet drinks for several years now. And I've only had one-two soda's in the past three months...