Thursday, August 30, 2012

How I Lost Weight in Dallas

We went to Dallas for 4 days for a friends wedding and stayed with a couple of families in a rented house. I was already up 5 pounds from the number I had lost to before and my clothes were not fitting right. Everything was snug and I needed a plan to keep from gaining weight or maybe even lose a couple of pounds before the wedding since the dressy clothes I have are for my 5 lb less body size.

Since the other mom I was staying with was making the cake for the wedding, I offered to be in charge of meals. This helped me a lot because I had much more control over what I ate this way. I knew I was going to need every trick in the book to get through this weekend without gaining another 5 lbs!

I had brought the Genesis Pure green coffee beans with me that I had bought for John. They work basically the same way as low carb by keeping the insulin from storing fat. I planned to eat low carb as much as often but had the green coffee beans in case there was a meal where I didn't have choices. Thankfully I only needed to use them twice.

Adding oil to meals (that I keep in a handy little baby Tylenol bottle in my purse), makes the meal more filling and it sticks with you longer. Eating enough healthy fat is an important part of weight loss.

The underlined meals are weight loss friendly meals.

Thursday - Traveling Day

Breakfast at Denny's (low carb): omelet with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, 4 sausage links, coffee, added olive oil

Lunch at Sam's, buying wedding food (low carb): Chicken salad (surprisingly delicious), toppings off my daughters uneaten meat lovers pizza (Yum!)

Supper at the house: rotisserie chicken, green beans, sauteed broccoli, biscuit (oops)

Friday - Day Before Wedding

Breakfast (used green coffee beans): Egg scramble with sausage and spinach, fried potato and onions

Lunch (green coffee beans): Deli sandwich (1 slice of bread, lots of deli turkey, 1 slice of cheese, mayo, mustard, spinach), Doritos, several fresh strawberries, 1/2 pkg nutty bar, 1-2 oz honey roasted peanuts (I could not quit eating!)

On the way to lingerie shower: Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

At the shower: generous slice of chocolate cake

Supper at Abuelo's (low carb): chicken tortilla soup, Reynosa salad

Saturday - Wedding Day

Breakfast: Green smoothie (banana, yogurt, strawberries, spinach, orange juice), 1/2 biscuit w/sausage gravy, scrambled eggs

Lunch (low carb): Leftover chicken, leftover broccoli

Supper: whatever I could grab at the reception as we kept the food table stocked (2-3 grapes, 1/2 sandwich, a couple of bites of cookie, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, celery, ranch), cake, tea, coffee with creamer

After reception: In and Out burger w/tomato, lettuce, onion, 2 creme filled cookies from the wedding
(Classic stress eating)

Sunday - Return Home

Breakfast: 2 green smoothies (banana, blueberries, spinach, yogurt, sugar, strawberries)

Lunch at Famous Dave's (low carb): brisket, green beans, jalapeno beans, added olive oil (skipped the roll and free ice cream)

Supper at McD's: grilled chicken wrap w/BBQ sauce, apple dippers, McDouble w/o bread, part of a chocolate shake

Somehow, I lost 1.8 lbs this week.

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