Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sugar Cravings, Adrenals, and Stress

A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed by a natural doctor with adrenal fatigue. Prolonged stress had depleted my adrenals and it was wreaking havoc on my hormones causing depression, anxiety, etc. I took supplements to correct the issue and was feeling better until about mid-September when life became and stayed stressful for several weeks. Once again, my adrenals became depleted and this time, in addition to making my hormones unbalanced, I started craving sugar - bad! I couldn't eat a meal without feeling like I needed something sweet to eat afterwards. I also felt tired a lot and couldn't seem to get through most days without a nap. During those weeks, I couldn't get enough to eat. It seemed like I was hungry all the time and I stress ate a lot. I gained 12 pounds.

Finally, I researched sugar cravings, not knowing at the time why I was craving, and discovered that adrenal fatigue can cause sugar cravings and if enough sugar is eaten, it can result in insulin resistance. I could definitely identify with the symptoms that this website discusses:

-Lack of energy most definitely
-Need to take afternoon naps
-Cravings for sugar or caffeine to force the adrenals to give the energy that is lacking
-Menopausal symptoms can also kick in if the adrenals are not up to par.

So what to do? I needed to address the adrenal problem again as well as level out my blood sugar problem to stop craving as soon as possible and balance my hormones. I found these products to be especially helpful:

Tri-Chromium w/Cinnamon by NOW Foods for balancing blood sugar
Adrenal Caps by Solaray for adrenal function
Maca by Solaray for balancing hormones
Alpha Lipoic Acid for insulin resistance

Also helpful:
Adrenasense by Natural Factors for adrenals and overall well-being
Homeopathic Stress Mints  - these are very helpful when dealing with stress

I am feeling much better now. My hormones are leveling out, the sugar cravings are nearly gone, I have a lot more energy and now I am working to get the 12 lbs back off.

This information is not meant to replace medical advice. If you think you may be experiencing issues like these, please see your doctor.

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