Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Update 4/28/15

After three months going to the gym and continuing to try to eat as good as possible - eating raw as often as possible, eating low carb as often as possible, and trying to watch my portions at all times - I have lost 49 pounds. Funny thing is, since I've been going to the gym, weight loss has really stalled. However, I'm down to a 12/14 and still going. I was stuck at 45 lbs lost for weeks until I got sick and didn't go to the gym for over a week. I was still eating the same but during that time my weight loss got going again. I know that working out can stall weight loss but I am still a little confused about that. I'm trying to not overthink it because I'm still happy with the results whether I'm losing inches or lbs.

To recap, I lost 50 lbs a few years back, over the course of a year. I gained it back during the next 18 stressful months, plus 5 lbs. I got started losing again due to working at a job where the employee eating area made me lose my appetite and then, using the same way of eating that I've already addressed within this blog, I have continued to lose.

Realistically, I eat a raw meal about once every day or two. I eat a low carb meal every day or two. I try to limit the foods that make you gain weight. I try to eat more of the foods that make you lose weight. I try to be reasonable with the amount of food that I eat overall.

I think what helps the most is the mind change. I now would rather find a way to eat to lose weight than be overweight. The results I see are very motivating. I'd rather lose weight than drink that Dr Pepper. I'd rather lose weight than eat the donut on Saturday morning. I'd rather lose weight than have French fries with my McDouble. I'd rather eat a salad as a side with my steak to fill me up so I don't eat too many rolls.

There are all kinds of tips and tricks I use to lose weight, but ultimately I have learned this:

I have to want it bad enough.

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